The AWU is made up of over 100,000 working Australians who elect the officials of the AWU. 

All members of the AWU are part of the nine Branches which make constitute the AWU. 

Every four years AWU members elect the officials of the Branches and the officials of the AWU Nationally - this includes the Branch Secretary, the Branch President, the Branch Assistant Secretary, Organisers and other positions. 

The same happens nationally with all 100,000 members electing the National Secretary, National Assistant Secretary and National President every four years. 

Also elected at the same time is the National Executive and the Branch Executives which act as the Board of Directors for the union. 

All of the actions of the AWU's elected officials are guided by the Rules of the AWU which are registered under the Workplace Relations Act in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission. 

The National Secretary acts as the Chief Executive of the AWU with the Branch Secretaries acting as the General Managers of each Branch. 

They appoint staff, manage the finances of the union and ensure the union continues to stand up for AWU members by putting our members first. 

The AWU is affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the International Metalworkers Federation, the International Union of Foodworkers and the International Transport Workers Federation. 

The AWU is affiliated to the Australian Labor Party and many branches of the AWU are affiliated with their state Trades & Labor Council.